I have finally figured out a good way to get what I want out of my modular. It took commissioning a build of the Magpie Modular / Neutron Sound Dubldeca to teach my Octatrack the eurorack tongue. 

Now I can sequence two lines of pitch/gate/velocity as well as have six additional tracks of triggers (no need for a Pam's New Workout in my rig) and 10 channels of MIDI CC for LFO and other madness/

Now I need to find a way to integrate some randomness into my patches while keeping the sequenced melodic components. I experimented a bit with the Expert Sleepers Disting as precision adder, mixing in the sputnik 5-step sequencer and the Intellijel uScale, but without  the kind of success I was hoping for.

 The goddamned future: my eurorack dreams

The goddamned future: my eurorack dreams

I think the next step will be to dump the Mutable Grids unless I can get it working the way I had originally hoped. I might try using Grids' triggers to let through specific (or random) notes from a VCA (Grids -> envelope -> VCA or something)

I'm also looking hard at the Pittsburgh KB-1. It can output duophonic cv, so I'm imagining routing that into a mixer or the Doepfer/Sputnik crossfaders to mix with sequenced pitch cv from the Octatrack. 

Regardless of where I end up, I'm at least thankful I've gotten this far. It's been a tough journey to date with my modular, and I'm looking forward to putting some hard miles on it.